An Invitation to Women

Do you remember how the world looked and tasted and smelled to you when you were a child? Do you remember the discovery of touch and sensation? For many of us that intense sensual sense of life is put aside as our energy gets channeled into our work, our responsibilities, our projects until... one when day we wake up and realize so much of the juice has been squeezed out of life.

So many of us as women have tracked career and success, followed the path of motherhood, or developed a myriad of skills, but we often feel we've left behind an essential part of our sensual feminine being. Many of us have lost touch with the wonderfully enlivening energy of Aphrodite, the goddess who embodies expression of the deep feminine and of sensual delight.

What if you could experience more sensual aliveness in all of your life, without risking your safety, your relationships, or your focus on your work and without losing your reputation as a serious responsible, intelligent person?

What if you could feel free to fully enjoy your own beauty and sensuality without attracting unwanted attention? What if you could hold Aphrodite's energy without getting into trouble?

You Can!

Come join us for:

"Embracing Our Sensuous Nature ~ A Workshop for Women”
with Miriam Dyak & Cassandra Cosme De Pree
Dates to be announced.

Our weekend of embracing our natural sensuality is all about enjoying your own deep feminine sensibility and learning how to use it to restore your vitality. It's a journey into the Aphrodite archetype; learning to hold the energy of the goddess in a balanced way. This can allow you to enjoy the charisma, aliveness and pleasure she brings without the trouble that often comes from being caught up in her over-sexualized form. You'll find it's much easier to bring more of your sensual feminine back to life if you know you can do this in balance and safety. And, you'll find Aphrodite can bring you a lot of unexpected blessings! Your natural sensuality is a key to making all of what you do attractive; it is the main ingredient in charisma, it can keep you from feeling drained or exhausted, and it can bring more life to every aspect of what you do and who you are.

Cost: To Be Announced. Delicious organic lunches and snacks are included. We'll meet in a lovely wooded workshop space just outside of Redmond ~ Saturday 10-5 & Sunday 10-4.

Come with a friend!
Special Discounts for two or more registering together!

"I highly recommend this workshop to others as a great way to get in touch with sensuality and more deeply understand how it can revitalize us in our everyday life. All of the sensual treats, in particular the amazingly delicious array of food, went way beyond my expectations!" Pam Champagne, Master Certified Coach


What can you expect from our Women’s Weekend?
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For more information call Cassandra at 425-753-2490 or Miriam at 206-932-1151.