"Miriam Dyak and Cassandra Cosme De Pree provide some of the very best training in Voice Dialogue facilitation available. They are a great teaching team - brilliant, talented, creative and, perhaps best of all, lighthearted. Their Voice Dialogue Institute in the Seattle area offers great teaching programs.”

Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, originators of Voice Dialogue


Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training

The Voice Dialogue Institute is pleased to announce that we are offering a new facilitator training in 2015. We have taken the best of our previous beginning and advanced trainings and combined them into one comprehensive program that includes:

  • An in-depth introduction to the Voice Dialogue method as a unique way of understanding and working with our multidimensional human reality
  • Theory of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego – a key to freedom and choice in every aspect of life
  • Training and practice in energetics – the power behind all communication and what brings aliveness to relationship
  • Demonstrations of Voice Dialogue facilitation and supervised facilitation practice
  • Introduction to and practice with the Voice Dialogue approach to dreams
  • Bonding Patterns – decoding the dynamics of power and vulnerability in all relationships (including transference and countertransference – bonding patterns in professional relationships)
  • Relationship as teacher – how our inner selves evolve in relationship
  • Understanding judgment as a key to relationship and personal growth
  • Creating a new and balanced form of intimacy through the Aware Ego

The new training format combines our previous beginning and advanced level trainings into one course, with three longer meetings (beginning on Thursday and going through mid afternoon on Sunday) rather than six shorter ones. We hope that this change will make it much more economical and feasible for participants who live outside the Seattle area to join us.


Join us!

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Voice Dialogue is a “walk your talk” practice. It is a psychospiritual approach to consciousness that requires each facilitator to pursue the development of their own Aware Ego process in order to be able to help others to do the same. Participants in the training will be required to do a minimum of one private session a month during the duration of the training – either with one of us or with another senior Voice Dialogue teacher. The first session with one of us will be free and we will offer further sessions at a student discount rate. We recommend for anyone who has not yet been facilitated to schedule your initial session before the first class.

The training is designed for the professional who would like to integrate Voice Dialogue theory, skill, and practice with their own training and experience, as well as for the student who would like to become a Voice Dialogue facilitator. Lay people who would like to use this method for peer facilitation are also welcome. We will post more detailed information soon.

Contact us for registration and any questions you have.

Miriam can be reached at: 206-932-1151 or to email click here.
Cassandra can be reached at 425-753-2490 or to email click here.

VDI Withdrawals, Refund, and Cancellation Policy:
We keep our trainings intentionally small so that we can give each participant the individual attention and personalized feedback we feel is essential in order to learn the energetically based process of Voice Dialogue facilitation. Once you decide to train with us, we begin immediately to take your specific needs and interests into consideration as we develop the flexible part of our curriculum. It is, therefore, very important both for our planning and for people who may be on a waiting list to let us know as soon as possible if your plans change and you need to drop out of the training. Our policy on withdrawals/cancellations/refunds is as follows:

  • Your $500 deposit minus a $75 processing fee will be refunded in full ($425) if we receive notice of your withdrawal from the program by January 1, 2015. If you have made additional payments, these will be refunded in full.
  • For withdrawals between January 2 and February 28, 2015, you will receive a 50% return on your deposit minus the $75 processing fee (amounting to $175). Any additional payments made toward the course will be refunded in full.
  • After March 1, 2015, deposits are not refundable, but any other payments made toward the training will be fully refunded. However, if you wish, you can apply both payments and the deposit toward a future training (minus the $75 processing fee). Transferred funds need to be used within the next two years in which trainings are offered. You will be given the "earliest bird" discount for the training you choose at the rates being offered in that year.
  • If for some reason VDI has to cancel or reschedule a training, participants will receive a full refund. Or, if the participant prefers, the deposit and payments may be applied to a future training.
If you have any questions about our policy, please call Cassandra at 425-753-2490 or e-mail her.

Voice Dialogue as an Evolutionary, Improvisational Process

Excerpted from Miriam Dyak's article, "Voice Dialogue: The Essential Difference," in The Voice Dialogue Anthology, 2012...

If I do my work well as a Voice Dialogue facilitator, my clients will feel it is they who created the changes in their lives and Voice Dialogue was just a tool they used to accomplish that. What they use Voice Dialogue for is different with each person (part of what keeps the work so exciting for me). It could be a shift in decision making, relationship improvement, a boost to creativity. One client rebalances the energies of the selves and finally completes a dissertation ten years in the making. Another reconciles age old differences in the family and also moves into better self-care and better physical health. A third stops being taken for a ride over and over again by Aphrodite and learns to contain that divine energy and focus it within the context of deep relationship. For each and every one, facilitator and subject, it’s an individual journey.

Voice Dialogue is a psychospiritual process for the development of consciousness. Dreams and connection to the Unconscious and to the ‘deeper intelligence of the universe’ are fundamental to the work, but unlike many spiritual practices that aim toward developing consciousness, in this process there is no relinquishing of selves (ego) in order to become conscious, and there is no abandoning of the psychological in order to become spiritual. Consciousness is a different kind of goal from problem solving, functionality, even integration. Consciousness may result in some of the same things such as better balance, more peace of mind, freedom, choice, etc. but because the path to these is different (without judgment or the placing of values) then the result feels different and is lived differently.

In summary we might say that Voice Dialogue is more like jazz – the basic riffs are there as principles of the work, but everyone will invent their own take on it.  It remains an uncontainable and open source method. If it were certified, it might be more like classical music and all facilitators would be trained to play the same standardized notes. Instead, Voice Dialogue is a process that complexifies rather than simplifies – i.e. allows for the natural complexity to unfold so that selves that may have manifested only as vague yearning or perhaps a repeated phrase or annoying habit can now unfold into story, history, and meaning. It makes me think of the beauty, rich taste, vibrancy and health of the environment that comes with organic farming. Each plant/self has its own intrinsic way to grow, and if we limit it, declare how it has to grow, then the biggest loss is never finding out what it would have done on its own. At a time when we are losing diversity everywhere, it feels so precious that this work honors and preserves an inner diversity of the soul.